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Medway has seven selective schools and schools use tests from CEM Centre for Evaluation & Monitoring.® CEM® Centre 11+ tests  are not tutor-proof and are one of the easiest to prepare for.  The Chatham Grammar Schools also use the Kent 11+ test. Complete solutions are available using WordBuilder.co.uk and CoolCleverKids.co.uk

Courses for C.E.M. 11+ tests.  Online content & pdf mocks papers included. Click for details.


The Medway11plus website provides advice and information about 11 plus exams and Children's Educational Material (CEM) for the 11+.

2019 Year 7 Entry for Medway Grammar Schools

Registration 9am, Friday 1 st June 2017 to 5pm, 29th June  2018
Test Dates Tuesday 18th September, 2018, Wednesday 19th September, 2018 and Saturday 22nd September, 2018.
The same test is used on each day, so later sitters may know content in this compromised test.
Results Monday 8 October 2018
If you registered online you will be sent an email after 4pm on this date. If you registered on paper you will be sent a letter by first class post on this date.
Test Supplier CEM Centre for Evaluation & Monitoring, Durham  (CEM)
Verbal Reasoning and Mathematics.

There is also an extended writing test.

The Medway Test is for Medway grammar schools only. If you live in Medway but you're considering grammar schools in another area, for example Kent, your child will need to take their test. Contact the relevant local authority for more information. If you live outside of Medway, but are considering Medway grammar schools you need to register your child for the Medway Test. The Medway Test is sat by children who are in Year 6, before they go to secondary school. All children who go to Medway schools (except Kings School, Rochester) will sit the test in their own school.

All children who go to non-Medway schools will sit the test in a test centre on Saturday 22 September 2018.

Invitations to sit the test will be sent at the end of August to all registered children and will confirm your child's test details.

The following schools will sit the Medway Test on Tuesday 18 and Wednesday 19 September 2018:

  • All Faiths' Children's Academy
  • All Saints CE Primary School
  • Allhallows Primary Academy
  • Balfour Junior Academy
  • Barnsole Primary School
  • Brompton Westbrook Primary School
  • Bryony School
  • Burnt Oak Primary School
  • Byron Primary School
  • Cedar Children's Academy
  • Chattenden Primary School (Peninsula Gateway Academy Trust)
  • Cliffe Woods Primary School
  • Cuxton Junior School
  • Deanwood Primary School and Children's Centre
  • Delce Academy
  • Elaine Primary Academy
  • Fairview Community Primary School
  • Featherby Junior School
  • Gordon Junior School
  • Halling Primary
  • Hempstead Junior School
  • High Halstow Primary School
  • Hilltop Primary School
  • Hoo St Werburgh Primary School and Marlborough Centre
  • Kingfisher Primary School and Children's Centre
  • Lordswood School
  • Luton Junior School
  • Maundene School
  • Meredale Independent Primary School
  • Mierscourt Primary School
  • Napier Community Primary and Nursery Academy
  • New Road Primary School
  • Oaklands School
  • Oasis Academy Skinner Street
  • Park Wood Schools Federation - Juniors
  • Riverside Primary School and Children's Centre
  • Saxon Way Primary School
  • St Augustine of Canterbury Catholic Primary School
  • St Helen's CEP School
  • St James' CE Primary Academy (at All Hallows site)
  • St Margaret's at Troy Town CE Primary School and Children's Centre
  • St Margaret's CE Junior School
  • St Mary's Island CE Primary School
  • St Michael's RC Primary School
  • St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School
  • St William of Perth Catholic Primary School
  • Stoke Community School
  • Temple Mill Primary School
  • Thames View Primary School
  • The Academy of Woodlands
  • The Bligh Federation - Juniors
  • The Pilgrim School
  • Twydall Primary School - part of the RME Trust
  • Wainscott Primary School
  • Walderslade Primary School
  • Warren Wood Primary School

 The following schools will sit the Medway Test on Saturday 22 September 2018:

  • English Martyr's RC Primary School
  • Horsted School - Junior
  • Kings School Rochester (in a test centre)
  • Phoenix Junior Academy
  • St Andrew's Independent School
  • St Benedict's Catholic School
  • St Mary's Catholic Primary School
  • St Thomas More Catholic Primary School
  • Swingate Primary School
  • Wayfield Primary School

Medway Grammar Schools

Medway Grammar School PAN (Year 7)
Chatham Grammar School for Girls [CGSG] (Chatham) 142
Fort Pitt Grammar School (Chatham) 120
Holcombe Grammar School for Boys
[Formerly Chatham Grammar for Boys] (Chatham)
Rainham Mark Grammar School (Gillingham) 205
Sir Joseph Williamson’s Mathematical School (Rochester) 180
The Howard School  [Selective after entry]
Bilateral 250
25% selective
The Rochester Grammar School (Rochester) 175


Request a review

If your child hasn’t been assessed as selective (grammar) following the Medway Test and you feel this isn't a true reflection of their ability, you can request a review of their academic work. This is not a re-marking of their test.

You should discuss with your child's school whether they feel a review is right for your child.

Review requests must be submitted by Monday 15 October 2018.

Reviews take place over Thursday 18 and Friday 19 October 2018.

Once you have requested a review

Once you have requested a review we'll ask your child’s school to provide work in English, Maths and Science.

A panel will review the work to decide if it shows your child is of grammar ability, even when the Medway Test score does not.

Each year the review process can find up to two per cent of the year group to be assessed as selective (grammar).

Review decision

Review decisions are sent to parents by Tuesday 23 October 2018.

This is before the closing date for school applications on 31 October 2018, so you can name grammar schools on your application if the review is successful.

Click here for 2019 entry CEM 11+ ® test dates

11+ Preparation

Areas tested include English (Vocabulary: synonyms & antonyms; Comprehension; Cloze passages/text; Jumbled sentences); Mathematics including data processing, and Non-verbal reasoning.

There is no evidence any 11+ tests are tutor proof, nor tuition and preparation does not confer an advantage – the opposite is true.

Recommended Preparation Material.

1. English and Verbal Reasoning is covered at WordBuilder.co.uk

  PDF downloads from the shop at: Medway11plus.co.uk or 11plus.eu



a. Ultimate Verbal Reasoning. 1,800 questions.


b. Common Synonyms and Antonyms for 11+ & KS2 Sats (over 1,000 entries).


c. Common Words With Multiple Meanings for 11+ & KS2 Sats (350 entries).


d. Common Misspelled Words at Year 6 - KS2 & 11+ (over 250 words).


2. Maths is covered at CoolCleverKids.co.uk

PDF downloads from the shop at: Medway11plus.co.uk or 11plus.eu

Lesson Notes


a: Ratio and Proportion Unit Method (Lesson Notes).


b: Percentages (simple percentages) Lesson Notes.


c: Percentage Multipliers Lesson Notes.


d: Rules for Multiples of Numbers (Lesson Notes).


3. Mock Tests: Use Mocks in the Shop at: Medway11plus.co.uk or 11plus.eu

Mock Test


1. 11+ Progress Mock Pack 1. MF Test A & B. (Use as first test during Year 5).


2. 11+ Progress Mock Pack 2. MF Test A & B. (Use as second test during Year 5).


3. 11+ Progress Mock Pack 3. MF Test A & B. (Use as third test during Year 5).


4. 11+ Practice Mock Test Pack 1. MF Test A & B. Multi-format (MF).


5. 11+ Practice Mock Test Pack 2. MF Test A & B. Multi-format (MF).


6. 11+ Practice Mock Test Pack 3. MF Test A & B. Similar to SWW 2 Jul 13.


7. 11+ Practice Mock Test Pack 4. MF Test A & B. Multi-format (MF). 


11+ Testing
Each paper is marked to provide `raw` scores.

  • Mathematics and Verbal Reasoning are marked on the number of correct answers
  • Extended Writing is marked against specific criteria
The raw scores are then standardised (weighted) to reflect the child’s age at the time they sit the test. This is to make sure no child is disadvantaged because they're born later in the school year. But the same test is used repeatedly, so people will know content.

The minimum score for this year will not be known until after the test has been sat and the scores calculated.

The score for the last few years were:

2017: 513;   2016: 521;   2015: 525,   and   2014:  528
Kent Medway 11+ Test
This is a compromised test as the same test is used on all three days. Later sitters will know content.

There will be two test papers containing a mixture of questions on verbal reasoning and comprehension and mathematical reasoning.

Each paper is approximately 50 minutes in duration and will be divided into timed sections, and instructions will be given on an audio soundtrack.

Most questions are multiple choice and all answers are marked on a separate machine-readable answer sheet. There will be a short break between the two test papers.

Free familiarisation booklets are available from this site and practice mocks are available from the shop.
CEM Centre for Evaluation
& Monitoring® CEM 11+ ® Tests
  • No official practice papers available
  • Buckinghamshire children sit a free familiarisation paper.
  • Instructions played via CD
  • Most tests comprise of two 50 minutes tests answered in a separate answer sheet
  • Mixture of multiple choice and marking a number on answer sheets
  • Similar tests to GL Assessments®
  • Prepare using WordBuilder & CoolCleverKids
  • Practice mock papers from the shop
GL Assessments®
(NFER®) 11+ Selection Tests
  • Practice papers available in the old format
  • Kent County Council provides a long familiarisation paper
  • Multiple choice format.
  • No claim that children do not need to prepare or practice or claim test is tutor-proof
  • Similar to tests from CEM Centre for Evaluation & Monitoring®
  • Prepare using WordBuilder & CoolCleverKids
  • Practice mock papers from the shop
11+ Children's Educational
Material Recommendation

English and Verbal Reasoning:

Maths &
Non-verbal Reasoning (NVR):


11+ Practice Papers from
Children’s Educational Material for the 11+
are available from the shop.
Word lists, lesson notes and `Ultimate NVR` questions are available from the shop.

Free material on this website.

11+ Tourism: Free Mock Tests

Under the Greenwich ruling all children, of the appropriate age, have a legal right to take any 11+ exam set by any authority and cannot be denied the opportunity to sit an exam solely on the basis of their address.

The Office of the School Adjudicator (OSA) confirmed the right to use tests as free mocks and the right to take tests late. A Head Teacher of a grammar school has confirmed in writing: `Legally I cannot stop you entering your child for our test.'  Late testing is also a legal right.

Many regions do not have catchment areas. Taking 11+ exams outside home catchments does not prejudice the balance and fairness of the testing, as tests are different. To make such a claim would imply a defunct testing process.

Note: Taking a "free mock" will cost the school money. But one would expect financially astute schools to consider the financial implications of setting an early test date. Common sense dictates an earlier test is likely to be used as a "free mock" and this has been well known to occur for many years. . The University of Durham® object to this strategy when it is a legal right. We cannot image why, as if the test is resistant to prepping, what difference would free mocks make? We believe there is no evidence that any 11+ test is resistant to prepping and practise will simply improve performance.
11+ Exam Dates around England

Gloucestershire Consortium; London Borough of Redbridge; Reading & Slough Consortium;
Chelmsford County High School (CCHS); Heckmondwike School; The Latymer School.

and the Trafford Consortium

2019 Entry

Test Date: Saturday 15th September, 2018

Registration Dates: 30th April 2018 to 18th June 2018

Gloucestershire 11+         
High School for Girls; Marling School; Pate`s Grammar School; Ribston Hall High School; Stroud High School; The Crypt School
Slough Consortium 11+
Herschel Grammar School; Langley Grammar School; St Bernard`s Convent School, and Upton Court Grammar School
Reading Consortium 11+
Kendrick School and Reading School
London Borough of Redbridge 11+
Ilford County High School; Woodford County High School
Other Individual Schools
Chelsmford County High  School for Girls   (CCHS)

BHP Consortium
Heckmondwike Grammar School, Backup & Rawtenstall Grammar & Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Penrith

Trafford Consortium 
(Compromised test - questions known from above)
Test Date 17th September, 2018

Altrinham Grammar School, Sale Grammar School, Stetford Grammar School & Urmston Grammar School
 Register by 26th June, 2017 12 noon

  Always tick the box to share results with all regions


1st Sep 2018 Dame Owen`s School
4th Sep 2018 Henrietta Barnet School
8th Sep 2018 Kent Shepway Grammar Schools
9th Sep 2018 Warwickshire Schools

12th Sep 2018 Bexley

The Henrietta Barnet School


2019 Entry

Register from April 2018 to Monday 5pm 16th July, 2018 

A two round testing process

Round 1:  Verbal & Numerical Reasoning
4th September, 2018 (am and pm)


Supplementary Test 10th September, 2018

Round 2: English & Mathematics October 2018 (TBC)



1st Sep, 2018 Dame Alice Owen School
If taking supplementary test:
8th September 2018 Kent Shepway
8th/9th Sep 2018: Warwickshire 11+

Dame Alice Owen's School  1st September 2018


South West Herts 11+ Consortium  (SWHC) 8th September, 2018

2019 Entry

South West Herts Consortium Schools
Bushey Meads School
Parmiter`s School
Queen School
Rickmansworth School
St Clement`s Dane`s School
Watford Grammar School for Boys
Watford Grammar School for Girls.

This is a compromised test as content will be known on 1st Sep 2018 from Dame Alice Owen`s School

FREE MOCKSfor South West Herts Consortium
4th Sep 2018 The Henrietta Barnet School: (girls)

Kent Grammar Schools

2019 Entry

Test Date 8th September, 2018

Dover Grammar School
Folkstone Grammar School 
Harvey Grammar School
Mayfield Grammar School


1st Sep 2018 Dame Alice Owen`s School
4th Sep 2017 The Henrietta Barnet School

Note many Kent schools use tests from GL Assessment ®


Birmingham Consortium 11+  &
Warwickshire Consortium 11+

2019 Entry

Test Date: Saturday 8th Sept, 2018.  Supplementary Date: Sun 9th Sept 18
 (for Jewish & Seven Heavens faiths who object to Saturday testing and those unable to sit on the first date).

Additional Dates for Warwickshire: 18th Sept, 2018, 
Jan 2019

Grammar Schools In Birmingham

Bishop Vesey`s Grammar School;  Handsworth Grammar School; King Edward VI Aston School; King Edward VI Camp Hill Boys School; King Edward VI Camp Hill Girl`s School; King Edward VI Five Ways School;  King Edward VI Handsworth School and Sutton Coldfield Girl`s School    
Warwickshire Grammar Schools

Alcester Grammar School ; King Edward VI Camp Grammar School; Stratford-Upon-Avon Grammar School for Girls; Lawrence Sheriff School; Rugby High School; Ashlawn Selective School (bilateral school) *

* Has a separate Modern Foreign Language Test. MFL test is not an 11+ test, but a route in to the grammar stream.

Registration: 30th April 2018 to 22nd June 2018
Results: 17th October, 2018
Always tick the box to share results with both regions.


1st Sep 2018 Dame Alice Owen`s School
4th Sep 2018 Henrietta Barnet School
8th Sep 2018 Kent Shepway Test


London Borough of Bexley 11+

2019 Entry

Test Date: Tuesday 11th September, 2018 morning & afternoon for non-Bexley primary school children

Wednesday, 12th September, 2018 morning for Bexley primary school children

Registration Dates: 1st May 2018 to 8th July 2018

Beths Grammar School
Bexley Grammar School
Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School
Townley Grammar School

1st Sep 2018 Dame Alice Owen`s School
4th Sep 2018 The Henrietta Barnet School
8th Sep 2018 Kent 11+
8th or 9th Sep 2018: Warwickshire 11+ (9th supplementary date)
11th Sept 2018 Wirral 11+


Buckinghamshire Transfer Test (Bucks 11+)

2019 Entry  is a GL Assessment Test

Registration: 3pm, 1st May 2018 to 3pm, 2nd June 2018
(for children outside Bucks. Bucks children do not need to register)
Preparation Test: Tuesday 11th September, 2018

Transfer Test Date: 13th September, 2018

Results: 12th October, 2018

Aylesbury Grammar School; Aylesbury High School; Beconsfield High School; Burham Grammar School; Dr Challoner`s Grammar School; Dr Challoner`s High School; Chesham Grammar School ; John Hampden Grammar School; Royal Grammar School; Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School;
Sir William Borlase`s Grammar; The Royal Latin School & Wycombe High School

Bucks have now moved back to

GL Assessment tests


Ashlawn Selective (Warwickshire)

Aptitude Test for Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

*** NOT an 11+ selective test ***

2019 Entry

A back door route as children are taught alongside the selective stream.
High KS2 SATs scores are also a backdoor route in to the selective stream.

Note: once you are in the grammar stream, you can be removed from the stream in some subjects so there is no guarantee of a grammar school education. Some people do not consider this bilateral school providing a "real" grammar school education for this reason.

Candidates can also take the Warwickshire 11+

Saturday 15th Sept, 2018

Alternative Date: 22nd Sept, 2018

No free mocks for the MFL test

But, take the Warwickshire 11+ on 8th September, 2018

Shropshire, Walsall & Wolverhampton 11+ Consortium

Torbay & Devon 11+ Consortium

Bishop Wordsworth's School (Wiltshire)

Wirrall Borough Council

2019 Entry

Shropshire, Walsall & Wolverhampton Consortium: Monday 17 September 2018 
Adams Grammar School; Newport Girls' High School;
Queen Mary's Grammar; School Queen Marys High School,
Wolverhampton Girls' High School

Torbay & Devon 11+ Consortium: Saturday 15 September 2018

Churston Ferrers Grammar; Torquay Boys' Grammar; Torquay Girls' Grammar;
Colyton Grammar School, and Bishop Wordsworth's School

Wirral Borough Council: Monday 17 September 2018

Calday Grange Grammar School; West Kirby Grammar School;Wirral Grammar School for Boy, and Wirral Grammar School for Girls

Always tick the box to share results with both regions.

1st Sep 2018 Dame Alice Owen`s School 4th Sep 2018 Henrietta Barnet School
8th Sep 2018, Kent Shepway
9th Sep 2018 Warwickshire 11+ (supplementary) Test
12th Sep 2018 London Borough of Bexley Test

11+ Maths and NVR

The Maths site with NVR (Non-verbal reasoning) for Sats and 11+ preparation. Ideal for primary school education and selective school exams. Maths lesson notes; worksheets; presentations; games, & tests auto marked with explanations.

11+ English & VR

Verbal reasoning and English for the 11+, Sats and private/independent school entrance exams as well as primary school. Spellings; definitions; meanings; synonyms; antonyms; cloze passages; jumbled sentences & comprehension.

Sats Papers
Year 2-6 & 11+

Information relating to Sats Tests. Free downloads of Sats papers covering Year 2 to 6 with no registration. Prepare for Year 6 level 3-5, level 6 & 11+ tests. Download the latest phonics tests.
ATA React
Free Android App
Google Play

Fun FREE Android App to test your thinking and reaction speed. Four fun games: colours; shapes; numbers and next letter. Stores score history. Ideal for Sats & 11+ fun whilst you prepare. Download from Google Play.


Download FREE SATs papers. No registration & no annoying popup adverts.
11+ English (Verbal Reasoning)
online preparation with

Spellings; Vocabulary; Synonyms; Antomyms; Conundrums; Cloze Passages; Comprehension, and Jumbled up sentences. Ideal for 11+ tests set at the CEM Centre, at Durham University®.
11+ Maths (Numerical Reasoning)
and NVR online preparation with

Free maths question generator
Lesson notes; presentations (videos); worksheets; games; Sats style tests from Year 2 to 6 including mental maths audio tests; private school 11+ tests, and CEM style past questions.
Now includes Non-verbal Reasoning.
Ideal for 11+ tests set at the CEM Centre, at Durham University®.
The 11+ information site
Helping children pass the 11+
Free advice and resources with
recommendations for preparation.

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